Art Circuit Touring Exhibitions' mission is to curate, organise and tour visual art exhibitions to public museums, art galleries and other publicly funded venues. Art Circuit is committed to the role of art in the public domain and the accessibility of contemporary art.

Our aim is to broaden the understanding and appreciation of contemporary art by bringing to the public a changing programme of high quality visual art. Art Circuit exhibitions' programme reflect current artistic trends and social concerns relevant to people from various educational, cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

This is achieved by collaborating with outside curators and artists, by touring the exhibitions across the UK- including to smaller communities and rural areas- and beyond. We organise supportive educational workshops and interpretation material in collaboration with the hosting venue for each exhibitions. We regard the educational aspect of the exhibitions of foremost importance for the dissemination of contemporary culture.

By these activities, the organisation promotes the role of the artist in the community, as well as the understanding of the developments in contemporary visual culture relating these to other cultural issues.

About us

Art Circuit was originally conceived in 1989 by artist and curator Oliver Bevan. The first exhibition, The Subjective City, was curated by Oliver Bevan and Terry Bennett for the Cleveland Gallery in Middlesbrough.

The success of this exhibition and its subsequent tour, which included the Barbican Centre in London, lead Bevan to organise a number of art exhibitions on the theme of the city and urban life. Two further touring exhibitions followed Witnesses & Dreamers (1993-94) and The Motor Show (1996-97).

In 1994 Bevan was joined by Cynthia Morrison-Bell and in 1996 they formally set up Art Circuit Touring Exhibitions, broadening the themes and scope of its exhibitions.

Art Circuit Touring Exhibitions became a not for profit organisation in 2000, with an emphasis on the educational aspect of the exhibitions. Following Oliver Bevan's move to France, Cynthia Morrison-Bell became director of the new organisation in 2000.

Following a number of successful collaborations and a shared passion for curating exhibitions Anthony Key joined Art Circuit's curatorial board in 2010.

We believe that art enriches lives and enhances understanding and that it should be a local experience, accessible both physically and intellectually.

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