PMG (Pitzhanger Manor Gallery & House) LONDON: 23 March – 5 May 2013


Visitors figures: 2600
Event: 448
Education: 333
TOTAL: 3381


- Walk Out:
A rare opportunity for Year 10 Students from Northolt High School to create their own exhibition of works to be shown in the Studio Gallery at PM Gallery & House.

- A tour of the exhibition at PM Gallery:
Professional artist, Alicja Rogalska, an experienced Artist-educator lead a tour of Walk On giving an introduction to the works and the themes of the show and then lead a creative workshop to facilitate the students responses to what they’ve seen.

- Bespoke art workshops with professional artist in response to the exhibition at PM Gallery & House:
Walk On artist Tim Knowles will give an introduction to his own work in the show and his practice in general and then lead a workshop at PM Gallery & House.

- 1 follow-up workshop based at school with a professional Artist:
A follow up workshop at Northolt School with Tim Knowles


- 2 Tours of the exhibitions lead by the Curators – followed by Curators’ talk


The Long Walk Home: a series of encounters, walks and talks with artist Simon Pope in the footsteps of Soane' s own long walks back to his home at Lincoln's Inn Fields. (May 4- 5th 2013)


Carol Sword (PMG Director) talking about one of the Walk Out exhibition
“All went swimmingly and as usual a little emotion was expressed by the parents of the students involved in one case the parent of a young girl who only came to London last November from Romania. (…) The head teacher of the school was particularly impressed at how well the students had responded to what was quite a complex theme”.

From PMG comments book (27-04-13)
“ Great to see a comprehensive exhibition of works by artist whose practise involve walking.”

“ Really interesting exhibition, I found the guided tour enhanced it a great deal. I am interested in seeing it again in Sunderland”

Please ask us for a copy of PMG comments book if needed.

Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art, SUNDERLAND 1 June – 31 August 2013

Visitor figures 11,120


- South Tyneside College visit and artist lead workshop: 8 young people with learning difficulties aged 16+ and 2 tutors

- Grindon Infant School extended project 150 children aged 3 to 7. A six-week project led by artist Pauline Taylor, using Sarah Cullen’s Drawing Boxes and making their own versions

- Sensory Sketching workshops for Sunderland Primary Schools: 135 pupils aged 9-11 and 15 teachers from local schools, organised with Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens, in Mowbray Park. These walks involved recording notes on smells, textures, sounds and sights and base drawings on their findings


- Mike Collier Curator’s tour for Contemporary Art Society Members
- Exhibition tour for International students on English studies at Northumbria University
- Talk for MA Photography Students at Sunderland University


- Walker Challenge, Gallery visit and exhibition – Adults with mental health problems
- Local heritage Group –
- Family Art Session at NGCA Parents, grandparents, guardians and children aged 3+: drop in to the gallery and create their won walking themed artwork. Weekly free 2 hour workshop led by professional artists.

- Outreach activity at Rocker Beach



‘Watching Francis Alys’ video Guards @NGCAsunderland #poignant & #irreverent; #pomp, #circumstance & #absurdity, #control & #freedom amazing.’

‘Great exhibition on at the ‘NGCA Sunderland at the moment. Check it out if you get the chance. #LoveYourLibrary.’

‘NGCAsunderland fun workshop with year 6 today for ‘Walk On – 40 years of Art Walking’ – don’t miss this fab show!’

‘Walk On: 40 Years of Art Walking was/is incredible. Currently ‘NGCAsunderland till 31 Aug then touring 2014 Birmingham, Southport, Plymouth.’

Notice board:
“One of the most interesting exhibitions I’ve seen. Lots of food for thought (and the camera) on future walks”

“Absolutely loved it!” – Thomas

“Great” – Rory

“Supreme!” – Alec

“Fascinating and thought provoking exhibition – really makes you think about journeys through life and spaces - and how we think about and use the spaces around us and how we interpret how others use this space.”

“Made me think about things I don’t think about but should. Reflection is what we do when we have time…”

“My feet carried me whilst my mind propelled.”

“Been to see this work twice. Awesome ?”

“Marina Abramovic… meet you half way along Hadrians Wall for a pint! Xxx”

“Walking – made me think about my own walking in a different way. I’ll never walk down the road to work again without thinking of the topography, sounds and shapes I traverse.”

“It’s a very good exhibition. I would recommend it for any person that loved art. Congratulations.”

“Great to see such an in-depth show, much more to think about than expected. Reminds you to be mindful when you are out wandering – my daughter (4 year old) liked the ‘tiny man on the mountain’! Thank you.”

“WALK ON – what an expansive and challenging exploration. Each one could have occupied me for hours. Best foot forward!”

“Walk On – well done NGCA for bringing such a stimulating and thought provoking exhibition to the region - at last! Some art which isn’t a commodity to purchase but rather art which raises questions about how we live together in society.”


For images please visit Art Circuit Website Gallery Section

•ART WALKING Northumberland at Highgreen, was a participatory weekend event, part of the Walk ON exhibition that took place on the 13th -14th July 2013 and was part of the Festival of the North East
This unique two-day event at Highgreen (house of VARC, Visual Art in Rural Community) brought together invited artists to lead walks with people from other disciplines for whom walking is central. Together they shared their different approaches with the public through participatory walks, talks and workshop.

•With almost 200 visitors, from this country and as well as Japan and Australia, Walk On - Art Walking Northumberland weekend was a big success.


“I found the art walks insightful and refreshing and even though you’re given a perspective to think about, that perspective, I felt, actually led to really interesting spaces in myself and in an environment that is so different that the environment I’m use to.”
Female - Freemantle, Near Perth, West Australia

“It made me consider the natural line around me more often then I would have normally, it make you realise that sometimes when you are walking, you walk very blindly and you just walk to your destination, you just switch off…. Here, you certainly look at what is around you.”
Female, Newcastle

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