Pot Luck (food and art)

From antiquity to today, food has been a recurring subject matter in the history of art. From early depictions in mythological scenes, to those found in religious art of all cultures; from symbolic meanings to formal concerns, food has been presented in many guises and for many purposes by artists throughout the ages. Eating for sustenance and for pleasure have always gone hand in hand and the art of presenting food solely for display, to awe and entertain guests, goes back to Ancient Greece and Rome.

We get sensual pleasure from eating and an emotional link to food goes back to our earliest days. Food is desire, pleasure, life and death; it is decay, excess and greed. It is a language, a cultural insignia, used by artists to convey the many different aspects of this relationship. Pot Luck brings together works by internationally acclaimed contemporary artists who show us how the use of food in art keeps being re discovered , highlighting the more serious condition of our society today, as well as the pleasurable one.

Curated by
Cynthia Morrison-Bell and Anthony Key

Bobby Baker, Han Bing, Helen Chadwick, Gayle Chong Kwan Mona Hatoum, Aaron Head, Damien Hirst, Lia Anna Hennig, Anya Gallaccio, Antony Gormley, Subodh Gupta, Anthony Key, Lucy+JorgeOrta, Manuel Saiz, Jana Sterbak, Karen Tam, Rainer Prohaska.

Tour dates

The New Gallery Walsall
22 May - 19 July 2009
Gallery Square Walsall WS2 8LG
01922 654400

Aberystwyth Arts Centre
29 July - 23 September 2009
Aberystwyth University, SY23 3DE
01970 623232

PM Gallery & House
22 October - 5th December 2009
Walpole Park
Mattock Lane
London W5 5EQ
020 8567 1227

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