Micheal Ormerod Photographs from 'States of America''

Following in Robert Frank footsteps four decades on, Ormerod reflects a very different mood to the optimism described in Franks photographs which seduced the foreign sensibility of the 1950s. Particularly poignant after the events of September 11th 2001, the exhibition shows a culture full of contradictions.

The photographs juxtapose the beautiful and the ugly, suggest a hidden sense of menace and corruption, whilst others are sympathetic portraits of people who display a knowingness and wounded acceptance of their fate.

Micheal Ormerod

Curated by
Millennium Images in conjunction with Art Circuit
Touring Exhibitions.

Tour dates

Weber Gallery, University of Nebraska, Omaha, USA
October 2002

Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield Museum & Art Gallery
May - August 2003
0114 2782600

Listed in Recommended exhibitions Metro, July 2003

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